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Want to make better decisions and have access to invisible wisdom you may not have thought was possible? Want to excel with your intuition skills using practical, concrete steps without fear? Since 1983, author, social worker and founder, Lori Wilson has been encouraging people to trust themselves, access their innate intuition skills – naturally and with great specificity.

  • Have you ever felt alone or disconnected? Do you want higher perspective about what is beyond our everyday senses?

  • Join our 16,000+ students who have learned that intuition is a skill set ~ not a mystical gift. If access to intuition-based wisdom is what you are looking for, you are in the right place!

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Suggested Learning Path ~ Where to Start?


    Have you ever wondered if your life would be easier if you just trusted your instincts a little more? Intuition is a natural instinct that allows you to access information beyond your traditional senses. For over three decades we have been teaching people simple, tried and true tools to hone their intuition and trust themselves more. And — the tools work! We have three main learning levels: LIFE SKILLS, INTUITION SKILLS and those seeking to serve others with PROFESSIONAL INTUITION SKILLS. We offer over 140 courses that suit all levels of learning with more added monthly. Take your time to browse through the offerings. Use the Category buttons to filter for your preferred types of classes. Check back often under the Free / New Category button. We are very glad you are here.


    Are you just curious or starting to explore your intuition and energy beyond your everyday senses? Perhaps you want start by building some important life skills before you delve deeper? A great place to start is by signing up for the free Daily Focus channeled from Lori Wilson's Spirit Guide — Grandmother This 5-minute audio sheds light on what the energetic climate will be for the day. Take your time browse the LIFE SKILLS or INTUITION SKILLS Categories above and see what draws your attention. Consider our signature class, 'Access Intuition 101' with it's rich orientation and intuition guidelines. Here you will learn how to connect with 8 unique sources of wisdom for practical, daily use. Not sure where to start? Jump on a free, 'Open Doors' hour to ask questions about intuition, classes or to have Lori point you in the right direction for your learning goals.


    Are you already using your intuition and looking more learning? Browse both the INTUITION & PROFESSIONAL PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Categories above to view the training opportunities that will augment your existing skills. You will be pleased to find extensive programs in channeling, medical intuition and business intuition that hone your skills to a professional level. We pride ourselves on using ethical, update-to-date energetic paradigms beyond historical, fear-based models. For those who take the professional classes ~ we provide bi-monthly Q & A, coaching and practicums with colleagues, so your learning never ends.

Our Students Say ...

“We all benefit from the Daily Focus and it's energy forecast! Thank you Grandmother and Lori for providing this lovely free information we can utilize to our benefit. I look forward to Grandmother’s messages in the morning and appreciate her calm and simplistic way she provides the daily energetic climate. Listening to Lori channel quickly became part of my morning routine. Much appreciated!”

Lauren Webb

“Love the Daily Support! After two weeks of listening to these daily focuses, I realized I need a focus like this to start my days. Listening to Lori speak Grandmother's words is calming. Grandmother's focuses help me stay on track so that what I accomplish each day is in line with the daily focus and my service to humanity. I recommend them highly.”

Janice Tietjen

“The Access Intuition 101 Course Really Delivered. I am very pleased with this online course I have taken with Lori Wilson. Lori is so engaging, easy to understand and a very informative teacher. She explains the course modules in great detail, answering questions in my mind before I even formulate them. Her gracious personality shines through as she brings each and everyone into her On-Line based classroom. Her teaching style is all encompassing and can reach the needs of each individual with her various methods of inclusion. I would highly recommend Lori for any and all of her courses as she delivers exactly what she promises! ”

Sharon Tesoro

“Lori's SOAR course is quite amazing. If you are looking for a chance to fast-track your intuition skills and become really clear on who you are, why you came into this world, and what your next steps are, then this is the course for you. We each have an incredible amount of power and love to bring into this world, and the world really does need us! This course has deepened my understanding of who I am, and provided a chance to deep dive into my own inner knowing. Thank you SO much, Lori. The Bonus Business Intuition session was so so helpful as well. Ever since that 1-on-1 session the creativity for creating my own courses has been flowing so much! Everyday almost I am journaling with new ideas for content, and how to structure it, it's really so amazing. Now my plans really feel aligned with my soul and that feels so good! This is the time for everyone to SOAR - are you ready? ”

Jennifer Redmond

“I am thrilled that my spirit guides continue to teach me my truth, and the path I am meant to travel. Along this journey, I have completed the channeling and medical intuition courses through Lori Wilson, my mentor, and a hugely significant teaching resource. I have learned how to combine my experiences, my education, and my intuition to create a space of healing for my clients. Lori teaches us that intuition is not a mystical gift, but rather a skill we can all learn – and learn we do. I think everyone in the entire world should take these courses.”

Lyndsay Diamond

“The 2021 Sequestered Power Yearly Focus was so helpful. I find there is so much to contemplate after hearing this message. Mostly I feel hopeful for lasting and meaningful change in our world. Thank you Lori ~ for giving voice to Grandmother’s message.”

Deborah Gould

“Rewiring Your Frayed Filaments (Free Podcast) This podcast was very refreshing to me in understanding where I am at at this point in time. Grandmother gave clear and concise methods on how to approach the feelings within by recognizing them and allowing the Universe to complete the re-wiring work. Thank you again Lori and Grandmother for bringing this wisdom to us and helping us evolve in our own unique way. Aho.”

Diane Giles


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Why Inner Access 101?

We have excellent tools, incredible staying power and a fierce passion for teaching people how to trust themselves first. From 1994 to 2017, Lori Wilson and her 6 Trainers taught over 10,000 students the Access Intuition 101 foundation class LIVE in 5 countries. Transitioning these courses from the in-person training to an On-Line platform in 2017 has enabled us to teach thousands more. Plus – we can offer even more for you in the comfort of your own learning setting! Learn at your own pace and review the material often. While we truly miss seeing you in person and providing the in-class snacks ~ we remain committed to our mission ... "Changing Worlds with Inner Trust."

  • Past participants have included practitioners in holistic healing modalities; parents; educators; writers; teens; doctors, nurses and counselors, business people; homemakers; and artists. Whether you have no training in intuition or a ton, there is plenty to enjoy here at Inner Access 101.

  • Most participants are looking to gain trust and feel more empowered in their lives. Many are curious about intuition and exploring different sources of wisdom. We help you find your style of connecting and are here to guide you on your journey. We know from experience – that everyone can learn to access higher wisdom!

Access Intuition 101 (25-hours)

If you only do one class with us ... this is our 'Signature Course'