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It is hard to go through life without meeting fear and vulnerability somewhere along the way. Fear has a way of simply taking over and we rarely stop to understand more fully what it is or learn how to work with it in healthy, concrete ways.

  • Having a clear and calm Adult-Brain takes awareness and practice. When we feel hurt, scared or vulnerable we need to advocate for ourselves. Alas — this is often where our Adult-Brain is nowhere to be found.

  • Understanding fear, being able to discern what is our own or other's energy and keeping healthy boundaries is another true challenge in life. Everyone is familiar with the fact we are supposed to have boundaries. And — we sure do know what it feels like when boundaries are crossed. Somehow we missed the memo on how to truly grasp the role of boundaries — how to create them and hold them when they are being tested.

  • Enjoy the practical information, exercises and meditations from each class that can allows your clear, adult mind to thrive. Be aware of where your energy is and how to honor your own self.

Continue to expand your intuition skills by having clear boundaries and a calm, adult-mind.

The perfect accent to any class or bundle by knowing where your energy is in relationship to those around you.