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Happy June. We have been busy putting your great suggestions from May into motion for an even more tailored intuition learning experience. By far the most requested offering was more of Grandmother’s open ended channeled teachings. As a result, on the 15th of each month, we will be adding a new Audio Podcast onto the “Monthly Focus”. (See below) Secondly, people were very interested in a more interactive in-depth training with our professional signature tools. To meet this need, we have created a 10-month Mastery Intuition training for those seeking to deepen their skills or to shift into a whole new intuition-based career.

We will also be scheduling the remaining 2-hour new webinars for the year based on your great ideas. May’s webinar “Using Your Intuition to Optimize Stewardship of Our Earth ” was so much fun. We learned how to connect with the frequency of the Earth, find out how it is doing and how to project our care. Please keep your great ideas coming. Here’s what is happening this month ...


“Discomfort Will Fuel Positive Change”


A cherished offering since 1996 — Every month the "Monthly Focus" gives you the heads up on what is in store for the month and how to align yourself with it's potential. On the 1st of the month, a 2-page PDF is available to print out that shares the energetic theme for the month ahead. June’s Focus is … “Discomfort Will Fuel Positive Change”. Grandmother reminds us that discomfort is to be welcomed this Moon. It is meant to be fuel for deep change.

+ Starting on the 15th of every month, there will be a New 30-minute Audio Podcast from Grandmother posted on your dashboard as well. This is her chance to sit with us mid-month and teach us what we most need to hear to navigate our lives in real-time. We are so fortunate to have this welcomed perspective and company along the way.

Enjoy the full year of 2022 for one payment of $24.99
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LIVE September 2022 to June 2023

A 10-month Professional Training to enhance your career by mastering 4 specialty tools ~ Channeling, Medical Intuition, Regression & Business Intuition.

Are you wanting to turbo charge your skills with quality training and 1-on-1 coaching ? Are you looking for a specialized career niche that can optimize change by getting right to the roots on health, life, spiritual and business issues? If you are ready to dive into an intuition-based career, augment your existing career or start a new intuition-based career — we can teach you.

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MOD 1: Sept 16/17 MOD 2: Oct 14 /15 MOD 3: Nov 18 /19

Access the wisdom from the business directly with Business Intuition. Enjoy 3, 2-day LIVE Modules.

This training is for business professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to create or improve their own business. Using unique BI protocols you will maximize your own business edge and learn skills to be a powerful intuitive resource for the business community.

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Wednesday June 22nd
(LIVE 7-9 p.m. EDTime)

By subscription ($9.99/monthly) you will have access to the LIVE monthly Evenings + the Archives for the current full year + A Bonus of 2021 Evenings. Catch a live event or enjoy a replay, Grandmothers’ monthly spirit wisdom will be there for you. Amazing questions are asked monthly and you can review the previous months as part of your monthly membership. Enjoy expanded perspectives and a chance to be drawn to ask a personal question in these wonderful evenings.
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For only $49.99/monthly you receive 9 great Member features including LIVE monthly access to your Trainer and chances to practice with other Members + 50% Discounts off all 2-hour Classes + more ... 
 The ‘Monthly Gathering’ ~ (Community Members)
Tuesday June 7th (LIVE: 12 – 1:30 p.m. EDTime)
Join us each month for 90-minutes of LIVE ongoing learning, practice, support & community.

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° Medical Intuition Q & A and Practice Sessions for 2022
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° Channeling as a Profession Q & A and Practice Sessions for 2022
— for all CH as a Pro Grads 
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Hope you enjoy this month of deep change as we embrace discomfort as our ally. Ultimately it is impossible to build a better world without change. Our mission remains "Changing Worlds ... with inner trust." So glad we are all in this change together.

Hugs from Lori, Stewart & Grandmother

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