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Hi Everyone and Happy August

The Summer going by too fast as you can see from this monthly newsletter in your inbox practically mid-month. I wish there could be 2 more months of summer in every year. We hope you are getting out and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. We have students from 45 Countries – so I fully realize that it may be too hot or too cold to be outside a lot, depending on where you live, but we are wishing you fresh air and sunshine wherever you may be.



We are getting very excited to get going Sept 7th with our first ever, 10-month Mastery Intuition Class and we still have a few spots left if you want to join us. Whether you are newer to intuition or a seasoned practitioner, there will be much to excel in as you master your skills in channeling, medical intuition, regression and business intuition. If ever you wanted a ready made, intuition-based career, or to offer a specialty to On-line clients, this is the time to jump onboard with great classmates and 1-on-1 coaching. Questions? Email me at

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Have you wanted to take the foundation class Access Intuition 101 Live?
Perhaps you already have the On-Line version but are just not getting at it on your own. Sign up for the Community Membership and do one Module per month with classmates who also prefer to learn online in a LIVE format. Meet your higher self, your spirit guide, access wisdom from your past lives, body, ancestors, animals and realms beyond.
For only $49/month you get access to the LIVE Access Intuition class + the On-line version + a monthly Q & A and practice time in the Gathering + the Monthly Focus + the Evenings with Grandmother + 50% off any other 2-3 hour classes. Learning could not be more fun and affordable. The Live Access Intuition 101 Module 1 starts September 19th

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THE MONTHLY FOCUS & MID-MONTH PODCAST“Remain Neutral and Observant”

Grandmother never ceases to amaze us as she puts her finger on the energetic pulse of each month. June was a month of discomfort, July we needed to focus on our priorities and she reminds us this month that August is a time to remain “neutral and observant and stick to your plans and priorities. You need to not engage, worry or take offense while the two extremes of ‘bullies’ and ‘complacent adults’ change their ancient dance.”

Enjoy the full year of 2022 for one payment of $24.99
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MOD 1: Sept 16/17 MOD 2: Oct 14 /15 MOD 3: Nov 18 /19

Access the wisdom from the business directly with Business Intuition. Enjoy 3, 2-day LIVE Modules.

Optimize your time and success by partnering intuitively with the Innate Intelligence of your business or business you want to create. .

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Wednesday August 24th
(LIVE 7-9 p.m. EDTime)

By subscription ($9.99/monthly) you will have access to the LIVE monthly Evenings + the Archives for the current full year. Catch a live event or enjoy a replay, Grandmothers’ monthly spirit wisdom will be there for you. Amazing questions are asked monthly and you can review the previous months as part of your monthly membership. Enjoy expanded perspectives and a chance to be drawn to ask a personal question in these wonderful evenings.
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THE OFFICE will be closed from August 22 – 28 as we fortify for our busy fall ahead. The Daily teaching will be posted as per usual, but we will not be returning emails until August 29th. There will be no private appointments (1-hour, 15-min. or 1-Q) done during the week we are closed.

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Hugs from Lori, Stewart & Grandmother

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