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As we ramp up to celebrate the end of the year and varied holiday traditions we want to share our gratitude in being able to serve you in 2022. We are excited to offer some great Holiday Specials with you here today and to announce the formal opening of our new Inner Access 101 Galleria on Etsy. Now you can enjoy many of our intuition sayings coupled with original art on a variety of products you can use every day. So many people say they start their day with a morning tea or coffee with Grandmother and the Daily Focus. Now you can have a Galleria mug with Grandmother on it to enjoy that sacred start to your day. It has been such a busy and fast year, it seems incredible that there are only six more weeks before we are welcoming in 2023. How did all that happen? Our lives would not be the same without all of you in it. Thank you for being here, so we can do what we love — spreading inner trust far and wide.


LIVE: December 15, 7 - 9 p.m. EDTime

Every year we eagerly await the coming Year’s Channeled FOCUS from Grandmother's. With her astute spirit wisdom she looks ahead to show us how to best maximize the year 2023. Always rich with information to ponder as well as practical advice on how to navigate the year, this is a 'must have' on all of our Learner Dashboards.

Grandmother says …
"Building on the foundations and good manners of recent years we shall begin a new way of relating and living in this world. The 'advanced' aspect of these new beginnings means coupling our virtues with Universal principles and technologies that we have not had access to — until now. It shall be the year that many of us have been waiting for all of our lives. It will bring an entirely new advancement to what we call home." Find out more on Dec 15th about these beginnings and the year to come in the LIVE Event. If you can't make the date, your registration will give you access to the Replay.

Register for only $9.99 and enjoy the BRING-A-FRIEND BONUS. Once you are enrolled we will send you a Coupon Code that you can use to invite a friend as your guest at no additional charge.
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P.S. Community Members: This class is already added on your Dashboard as part of your Membership

Loved ones who have passed on are always available

Missing loved ones is never easy. Now you can practice tools to access your loved one who has passed on and continue to grow in your relationship. A new, value packed bundle of 4 Webinars is sure to bring you comfort, tools, and connection.

$19.99 Enjoy 4 of our top 2-hour Webinars ~ all for the price of one.
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Looking for a unique gift for someone special? Perhaps that someone special is you! Save $30 - $100 by stocking up now. Print off or send an email version of this attractive Gift Certificate that can be used any time throughout 2023.

  • The Gift Certificates are for 15-minute sessions for a Channeled session with Grandmother (3 questions) or/ for a Past Life Insight (one key area in your life).
  • Please note that these Certificates do not apply to Medical Intuition Sessions.
  • Audio files of your 15-min. session will be sent within 5 business days after the request.

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Available for purchase up until December 21st.

Now Until November 25th

Browse the Inner Access 101 site and choose from numerous intuition-based classes. Save 25% until November 25th. Enter your Coupon Code: HOLIDAY2525 on the first page of the checkout.

Share this news with your friends. If there is a class you have been saving for, now is the time to enroll.

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Now on Etsy

We are proud to announce that the Inner Access 101 Galleria on Etsy is now open. The Galleria is dedicated to bringing beautiful, original art & our intuition-based, inspirational sayings to your daily life. Check out the journals, water bottles, mugs, tote bags and wall art. For those who have been waiting years to have your own portrait of Grandmother, enjoy the painting done by our son, Kiel that captures her essence. More products will be added monthly as we spread inner trust in this new and exciting way. This is the perfect place to treat yourself to something special or do some holiday shopping.

Coming from a family of artists we know that art is a very expressive language. It captures feelings, experiences and communication beyond our known senses. Using our intuition accomplishes the same result. If you are drawn to a certain saying or art piece at the Galleria — trust there is a reason for it. As many of you know, our mission is "Changing Worlds ... with inner trust". Now with the beautiful items at the Galleria, we can all model intuitive living inside and out. We welcome your comments.
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Enjoy the Holiday Specials we have prepared for you. May this season be filled with good health, joy, reflection and gratitude.

Hugs from Lori, Stewart, Roxana & Grandmother

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