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Hi Everyone

This is the time of year when we are all rushing to tidy up tasks for 2023, arrange holiday visits and look ahead to 2024. In this busy time, please do take time to care for your health, be patient with others and enjoy your accomplishments of these past few years. Grandmother tells us that 2024 will be the ‘Year that Peace Reigns’ and I am sure I speak for many of us to say how eager we are to hear what form that will take and what we can do to play our part. Please enjoy the great Holiday Specials listed below and for those of you who enjoy the Monthly Focus, it is time to register for the full year of 2024 below. Thank you for being part of our community that values intuition and inner trust as a treasured natural resource within us all. We have been serving since 1989 and every year people are finding intuition skills easier to learn. With so many choices to make and mixed information abounding — trusting your own self as you chart your best path forward remains a priority for 2024.


LIVE: December 14, 2023
7 - 9 p.m. EDTime

Every year we eagerly await the coming Year’s Channeled FOCUS from Grandmother's. With her astute spirit wisdom she looks ahead to show us how to best maximize the year 2024. Always rich with information to ponder as well as practical advice on how to navigate the year, this is a 'must have' on all of our Learner Dashboards. 

In her own words, Grandmother says ...
"The year 2024 will be one that sends a loud and permanent message out into the fabric of all things. It will be the year we send the strongest beacon for peace out into every corner of the world that has ever been. It will be a year of reckoning and deep truth telling. It will be a time of setting priorities straight that consider all beings upon this precious Earth … We will have help from many realms. Let us all look forward to this potent year of change. Let us look forward to this being the year that orphaned 'peace' came home."

Find out more on Dec 14th about this welcomed year ahead at the LIVE Event. If you can't make the date, your registration will give you access to the Replay.
 Register for only $9.99 and enjoy the BRING-A-FRIEND BONUS. Once you are enrolled we will send you a Coupon Code that you can use to invite a friend as your guest at no additional charge.
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Share intuition tools with those you love 

Each year we strive to give something meaningful to those we love. More and more people are putting a great deal of creativity into holiday giving. That may mean shopping local, making hand-made gifts, donating to charities and gifting activities that create memories and treasured times together. This year we would love to be part of the holiday creativity by offering a $50 Gift Certificate, at no cost to you, that you can give to others. Your friends can redeem their Certificate on any class before January 15, 2024. They can browse the website and enjoy a Webinar or two from you or a great discount on one of the more in-depth classes. Print out or email as many Certificates as you wish, enjoy easing your holiday budget, while spreading the passion for trusting intuition to those you love.
Each $50 Gift Certificate can be used toward any Inner Access 101 Class up until January 15, 2024. 
The Certificates cannot be used for private appointments.

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Looking for a unique gift for someone special? Perhaps that someone special is you! Save $30 - $300 by stocking up now. Print off or send an email version of this attractive Gift Certificate that can be used any time throughout 2024. 

  • The Gift Certificates are for 15-minute sessions for a Channeled session with Grandmother (3 questions) or/ for a Past Life Insight (one key area in your life).
  • Please note that these Certificates do not apply to the 15-minute Medical Intuition Sessions.
  • Audio files of your 15-min. session will be sent within 5 business days after requests.

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Enroll now for the full year of 2024 for one price of $24.99 

The new Monthly Focus Card is posted so please renew your yearly fee of $24.99 for the entire year of 2024. If you have not enjoyed Grandmother’s Monthly Focus yet – please consider this gift to yourself. On the 1st of each month, a 2-page Focus for the month ahead keeps us on track. On the 15th of each month a 30-minute Podcast is posted to enhance the monthly focus and give us pointers from Grandmother’s wise spirit perspective.

For December, Grandmother reminds us to see this Moon as …
“a blank canvas. This is your life to come. There are many good things awaiting you. As you tidy up this year begin to let go of the tasks, goals and activities that have primarily preoccupied you or defined you as carrying others. Remind yourself that the others will come along at their own pace.”

Enjoy the full year of 2024 for one payment of $24.99.
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Thank you for allowing us 
to be part of your life
and this season of holiday cheer.

Hugs from Lori, Stewart & Grandmother

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