Holiday Specials 2021: From the Desk of Lori Wilson & Inner Access 101 Enjoy these 3 Great Holiday Specials

Hi Everyone and Happy Holiday Season

By now we are all accustomed to a changing world within and around us. Change brings evolution and is ultimately a positive thing, even though it may not be always comfortable. We are so grateful to be a part of your lives, especially at a time where love, health, friends and chosen family take top priority. You and your ability to trust yourself first is a huge priority for us. As the year wraps up we have put together some great Holiday Specials for you enjoy and share with others.

Pay only $50 for a $500 Value
Looking for a thoughtful, permanent gift for those you care about as we wrap up this year? Consider giving a $50 Gift Certificate toward any of the Inner Access 101 Classes to 10 people on your list. Since 1994 our Mission has been "Building Worlds with Inner Trust." To date we have taught 18,500 people in 42 countries and our passion continues to reach far-and-wide to spread inner trust in this precious world. Now more than ever, we deeply need it. We value your partnership in gifting intuition skills and inner trust to your friends, colleagues, allies, staff and loved ones. Your friends can use their Certificate any time, toward any class, before January 30th.

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LIVE: December 16, 7-9 p.m. EDTime

Every year we eagerly await the coming Year’s Channeled FOCUS Live Webinar. Benefit from the astute lens of Grandmother's spirit wisdom as she looks ahead to show us how to best maximize the year 2022. Grandmother says …
"In our scrambling to make sense of complex things our human minds historically learned to break things into categories or compartments. This has been tolerable as it has helped to structure our limited thinking … Now our souls and psyches can no longer stand to live disconnected to the largeness of all that is ….” Who knows what Grandmother means fully by ending dichotomy? On Dec 16th we will be sure to find out!

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P.S. If you cannot make the LIVE event, your registration will give you access to the REPLAY.
P.P.S. Community Members & AAPass Holders will already have this included in your Membership

Looking for a unique gift for someone special? Perhaps that someone special is you! Save $30 - $100 by stocking up now. Print off or send an email version of this attractive Gift Certificate that can be used any time throughout 2022.

  • The Gift Certificates are for 15-minute sessions for a Channeled session with Grandmother (3 questions) or/ for a Past Life Insight (one key area in your life).
  • Please note that these Certificates do not apply to Medical Intuition Sessions.
  • Audio files of your 15-min. session will be sent within 5 business days after the request

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Available for purchase up until December 21st.

Thank you for the privilege of connection, shared fortitude and being able to teach you intuition tools over this past year. I am sure you join me in thanking our wise, ever-present Grandmother who keeps us on track and shares her loving perspective from behind Spirit's veil.

However you celebrate this season we will be celebrating you and the honor of continuing to serve you.

Sending hugs, love and peace
from Lori, Stewart and our beloved Grandmother

Lori Wilson M.S.W.
Founder of Inner Access 101

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