Free Bundle for Professional Intuition

If you are already a helping or healing professional you are likely already very intuitive. Sometimes our clients need more help, more clarity than our traditional training provides. So what if you could just tune in intuitively and ask the client's body what is going on —You can!

Tracking nuances in the body intuitively takes a great deal of skill and finesse. Thankfully — they are teachable skills. Since the year 2000 we have taught hundreds of professionals ways to enhance their existing career with intuitive skills. 

In our 125-hour Medical Intuition Training you can learn stellar tools to scan your client's body for the root of health imbalances. 

We recognize that a 125-hour class is a huge commitment both time and financially. So, we have created these 4 Free Lessons below for you to enjoy at your leisure. They give you a solid orientation to what we mean by medical intuition, some pointers on what to do if you are picking up on information intuitively and the benefits of using your intuition ethically in your existing work

Browse the lessons below to learn how to your intuition as a supplementary, natural tool while working with your clients including:

  • Understanding the 5 Main Styles of Medical Intuition
  • 5 Benefits of Adding Medical Intuition to Your Work
  • What To Do When You Are Picking Up On Intuition-Based Information With Your Clients 
  • Enhance Your Career with Medical Intuition

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NOTEClasses listed with the PURPLE Dot are more advanced and geared to teach you skills to serve others with your intuition. 

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More Coming in 2020 for Professionals:   

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                                  Sales Intuition
                                  Business Intuition 

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