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The 5 Main Styles of Medical Intuition

by Lori Wilson

Can the body really talk? Many healers and medical intuitive practitioners experience this to be true. More so, they can hear, sense, see and dialogue with this unique companion that we call the body. How can they do it? How can body communicate with others who may not even know us? This is a question that has been asked and studied in numerous ways over centuries. Indeed, energy is everywhere. Energy can be measured, felt, communicated and changed by interacting with other energy sources. So why has it been so hard for us to imagine that the body can communicate with us energetically as well?

What is Medical Intuition?

5 Different Styles of Perceiving

While there are many ways medical intuitives describe the way that they work, there appears to be five distinct styles or ways of perceiving the information that the body shares:
 The Psychic Reading Style: Some medical intuitives perceive information relating to a client’s body or health while doing what is commonly referred to as an intuitive or psychic reading. They may be focusing on their client’s energy field and specific areas either randomly presents, or information comes forth when it is queried. How can information like this just come up you might ask? In our energy field, many blue print memories or conditions are very energetically “loud” or electrically charged. Strong emotions, trauma, physical injury, accidents, sickness, disease and even strong beliefs work their way to the forefront of the energy field and can often be sensed or perceived or ‘read’ by sensitive people. 


 Channeling Guides: A second way of perceiving information about or from the body is through channelling information from guides. Many medical intuitives are receiving the information from the body from a third party. These guides are most commonly people, animals or other energies who may be in spirit or do not communicate with words. In this style it is the third party, their guide, who from their place of higher wisdom reflects upon the client and their body.


❸ Healer’s Hits: It is becoming more common for practitioners who work with the body find that information literally jumps out at them as they interact in a healing fashion with their client’s body. Some of these medical intuitives use their insight gained as part of their healing treatment, while others use the information gathered only. Many newer healers are not exactly sure what to do with this supplementary information that the body is trying to share. It can be awkward telling a client in a traditional appointment that ‘Excuse me … it appears that your body is talking to me and showing me …’


❹ Map-Based Medical Intuition: A fourth style of medical intuition practitioners are trained to follow a specific system or “map” as they approach the body. For example, they may use a checklist to move throughout the body looking for areas that draw their attention, or has an energy blockage. They may use preconceived maps of the body such as created by energy medicine pioneers such as Louise Hay, Barbara Brennan, Donna Eden or Carol Ritberger to assist them in sharing what the body is presenting. While these map-based practitioners focus their intuition in a deliberate fashion they may also look at the body under the lens of the additional pre-established maps such as auras, chakras, meridian lines, traditional Chinese medicine, colors or fields of study that assign specific emotions to designated areas or organs in the body. This is very much the style of pioneers Drs. Norm Shealy and Caroline Myss. As Norm explains, his style is rooted in a medical model that seeks to identify key problem areas, provide diagnoses and measurable conditions. 


 The Attending Model Practitioners: A fifth distinct style of medical intuition practitioners are trained to scan the body in a systematic fashion yet discipline themselves specifically not to used established maps or modalities to interpret what the body is sharing. These practitioners use the physiology as an entry point, listen, attend and follow whatever shows up to completion. Here the body paints a portrait of what is so – what is out of balance in the body. These practitioners report what they observe, experience or hear as each unique body provides. In this style, sourcing where the body-messages are coming from is paramount. This is the style used in Medical Intuition: Lori Wilson’s Total Body Intuition™ which is rooted strongly in a psychology/social work model. Here the practitioner attends and follows the body with the intent to uncovers root causes of conditions that can be useful to the client’s healing team.

Of course, this leaves at least 95 more styles and definitions of medical intuition for you to explore! Many medical intuitives combine information gathering with healing or recommendations. Many use it strictly as an information gathering tool. This work can be done in person or over a distance.

Be a Discerning Consumer

If you are considering training in medical intuition or engaging the services of a medical intuitive, do be an educated consumer. Medical Intuition is not a regulated field and it is very easy to be impressed by an intuitive practitioner who can pick up on things in your body and life. Ask many questions. Have a clear understanding of how they are doing this work. Ask how they are receiving this information, what is their background and training and what it their knowledge base in physiology. If they are providing diagnoses or recommendations, are they trained to do this? Are the recommendations coming from your own body or their own practitioner knowledge base or personal preferences? 

Be a discerning consumer as we all work together to bring credibility, research and professional and important ethical standards to this exciting field. You deserve direct and clear information from your body. Medical intuition can provide important pieces of your wellness puzzle. However, it is only one piece of the health puzzle. Regardless of the style of medical intuition, do take the information gained through this work to members of your own healing team to explore what pieces of the puzzle hold value for them. Ultimately trust yourself. After all, you have lived with your body 24-hours a day since you were born.

© Lori Wilson 2021
 Author of: de-mystifying ... Medical Intuition

Lori Wilson

Founder & Inner Access 101 Trainer

Lori Wilson B.A., M.S.W., is a social worker, author, trainer and founder of Inner Access 101. Lori has been providing channeling, regression, medical intuition, business intuition and traditional counseling in a successful private practice since 1983. Much of the material taught in the foundation training, Access Intuition 101 is based on Lori's years of blending firsthand, client-driven social work experience with a solid apprenticeship with her Spirit Guide, Grandmother and the spirit world. The training in Medical Intuition, Business Intuition and Artist Intuition has grown from the stellar intuition, tracking and sourcing skills that are the signature foundation in all of Lori's work. Lori currently has 6 active Trainers who teach her classes through Inner Access 101. This Education & Resource Network, run with her husband Stewart Hope, brings the exciting tools of intuition-based training to an ever expanding market. A visionary and self-professed “mother bear”, Lori's passion to spread inner trust is evident in all she does. Her mission has always been to encourage as many people as possible to "trust themselves first."

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