Please review these important logistics

• Recognize that the Medical Intuition training is for professionals with a minimum of 2 years' experience in a helping/healing field. Educators also qualify. This is not a general interest class. Do not enroll unless you have the appropriate background. Read the TERMS OF SERVICE on the website  footer. We want to offer you training of the highest integrity ~ that includes colleagues that self-screen before entering the program.

• Be clear that this Foundation Level 1 is not a certificate Training. Nor will you be issued a certificate of completion when you complete Foundation Level 1.  We are fully confident that you will have all the skills you will need to do this work upon completion of the Foundation Level. 

Should you wish to be certified, this 125-hour Training is the pre-requisite to carrying on to the Certificate Level 2 Training which is an additional 65-hour Training. Only 30 applicants are accepted per year for Level 2 Certification. Please see full details on The Medical Intuition: Lori Wilson's Total Body Intuition - CERTIFICATE Level 2 class description.

• Lastly be reminded  that this level of learning is 100% self-study. We recognize that this style of learning will not appeal to all. While you can join in on the monthly Q & A Webinars for Medical Intuition students and grads to ask questions, purposefully you will not have direct access to a Trainer or your classmates in chat groups or live networking at this Foundation level. 

The reason for this structure is key to your learning. To have access to cohort classmates while you are leaning - without supervision will only create more challenges. Students trying to work through the class material and help each other understand the material without the full knowledge base will not be supportive to you.  Historically this has caused more confusion than acted as any kind of support. We have purposefully chosen not to create opportunities in this level training with network without support or supervision. Be assured we have over 18 years teaching this material and the On-Line Training is set up very systematically to maximize your understanding, skills mastery and growth. This is why the Modules are sequential - to build learning as you go along.

We are aware that to have access to a Trainer at any time would be ideal. However, only 5 Inner Access 101 Trainers are qualified to teach this work and their focus is on the Certificate Level 2 & 3 students. Please understand from the start that this restriction is not for lack of caring. It is a true logistical reality. We have given years of serious consideration to this very challenge. In the end we have had to weigh the importance of expanding our reach to colleagues against the occasional frustration you may feel wrestling with a question that will likely be answered as you carry on with your learning On-Line or can be brought to the monthly Q & A MI Webinars.

We are excited you are ready to train with us.

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