(Excerpted from The Resting Place, 1996)

Lori Wilson, her Spirit Guide - Grandmother and the team at Inner Access 101 share a mission to teach people to trust their intuition and gain inner access to as many people as possible.

This channeled message about "The Web" impacted so profoundly that it has shaped Lori's career and the Intuition-Based classes she has created and teaches.

Original Artwork: © Lori Wilson 1990

Grandmother says ...

Child, your task is not small. What you shall say shall impact on many peoples, many places, many animals, many oceans, the Sky and the energy Web of the Universe. Many of us are working hard every day, spinning and holding up the invisible web so that the day those who trust in their hearts and hold up their hands to grab ahold, we will all be there for them. The Web will be there and will not let them down. They will feel it. It will become theirs and they will not let go. It will light up sparks of love and healing, and energy will flow so abundantly that even the Earth Mother will weep and give prayer thanks that her children have grown into their wisdom

This will be the best magic, Child. The most powerful magic you will ever do. You will encourage those who fear to reach out and trust in their hearts to take hold of the invisible Web. The invisible force that will take us all home safely, forgetting none. For as we all arrive at different times, wearing different bundles and scars, we will all arrive home together. Every soul, every plant, every creature that is on our planet has this right, this destiny, this inborn duty. This is the reason you shall tell any story. This and for no other.