“I am very pleased with this online course (Access Intuition 101) I have taken with Lori Wilson. Lori is so engaging, easy to understand and a very informative teacher. She explains the course modules in great detail, answering questions in my mind before I even formulate them. Her gracious personality shines through as she brings each and everyone into her on-line based classroom. Her teaching style is all encompassing and can reach the needs of each individual with her various methods of inclusion. I would highly recommend Lori for any and all of her courses as she delivers exactly what she promises!”
Sincerely, Sharon Tesoro


"I just wanted to say thank you for creating all of your awesome podcasts/webinars! I just signed up for the Membership series and I’ve been going through the 101 tips for Improving Your Intuition. I dabbled in intuition or something of the sort around 12 years ago and again around 8 years ago and each time I became so afraid of losing myself that I shut the door on it completely. I just wanted to thank you for teaching intuition in a way that de-mystifies it and for showing how normal it is and that everyone has it. This has really helped me stay open and grounded."
Jennifer G.

“Wow! Grandmother's Monthly Focus teachings are so powerful for me. They are truly inspiring!"

“Lori and Grandmother provide a steady and clear 10 step process for handling and responding to energetic inputs in the Discerning Energies Webinar as you make your way through the day. It concludes with a great meditation which gently walks you through the 10 steps - great to feel how fluid the process can be!”

“I love the teaching style of Lori and Grandmother, both are very easy to listen to and the information is practical enough to comprehend and utilize. This is my 3rd purchase I have invested in since I found about Lori this past week. I cannot drink enough of it up. I felt the sensation in my hands and all the way up my arms for most of the Webinar session. I did feel a connection and look forward to work with my Mastery Guide from the Mastery Webinar this year. Thank you for this great access.”

This month my experience has been the Daily Focus has been CRASH ON accurate.   (Not "spot on"… much stronger!!)  I’m almost nervous to find out what the next day brings, and then even more concerned that something may happen to prevent me hearing the daily message.  (Thanks for posting so reliably)   It’s like my personal road map to navigate all the bumps and twists that life flings or hurls my way.   Appreciate knowing when to duck or stay low, or when to meet the issues head on. This is such a valued service, I can’t believe it is gifted for free. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!
Diane, Toronto, ON

“I’m so happy to be able to have these great classes available online now at Inner Access 101! I’ve been able to easily continue updating and broadening my intuitive knowledge and enjoyment through the live, interactive video webinars. It helps me stay connected to Lori’s wonderful, current insights and to be around like-minded people who share respect for intuitive wisdom in its many creative forms. It gives me valuable information that I can apply both in my personal life and in my work as a life and business coach and intuitive practitioner.”
Lisa Dennys, Sarnia, ON

"I live abroad and am so happy for this new Membership Bundle. Now I can afford to train with Lori in a way that allows me to learn at home without travel. THANK YOU for setting all this up for us who want to learn to trust ourselves all over the world.”
Your friend K. Li in Hong Kong

“Inner Access 101 excels at helping people understand and work with their intuition. Whether you are newly discovering your intuition or honing your skills I highly recommend their classes, webinars and one of my favorites - Evenings with Grandmother! Over the years I have taken most of the course offerings in person and online. I have even taken some of them more than once (what can I say I like to really let the learning soak in!). Lori's approach to teaching and learning has helped me to deeply understand how my intuition works for me and from there how to hone my skills so all the work I do just gets better and better.”
Allison Amick, Half Moon Bay, Californiwww.thesagedragon.com

“Absolutely thrilled about the new Webinar format for the ‘Evening with Grandmother.’ A dream come true! I think this is fabulous and certainly the wave of the moment. I can listen and participate and listen again later forever!!! Nothing like having your cake and sharing, too!”
L& L.S, from Florida, USA

“I have only sat in on a few of the ‘Evenings with Grandmother’ Webinars but I am fascinated at how Grandmother has so many beautiful and clear ways of looking at our world.”
Thank you from Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Enlightening: Thank you Grandmother and Lori for doing these ... the Monthly Focuses have brought me a lot of validation, reassurance and clarity, in the present and looking over the past as well.”

"I just wanted to tell you how blown away I am by my experiences doing your Access Intuition 101 course and I'm only on Module 2! The quality of the connection and the information coming through is simply profound and extremely humbling. Your clarification and guiding principals have really helped me give myself over to the experience and I am truly grateful. Thank you Thank you Thank you."
Leslie (Blown Away!!)

"I always knew there was more. I appreciate how you broke everything down into doable pieces in the foundation class – Access Intuition 101. My favorite sources of wisdom was my Spirit Guide - who as it turns out was trying to get my attention since I was 15. And ... reconnecting with my Grandpa in the loved ones meditation. I know I can recreate the strategies you have taught me. Gold, pure gold.
Ben Anslie, Cornwall, ON

“The Monthly ‘Evenings with Grandmother’ is like having an audio encyclopedia at your fingertips for any topic imaginable, such as: energies of Earth and elsewhere in the galaxy, disease origin, missing airplanes, crop circles, insights for healing, time travel, crystal vibrations, animal wisdom, margarine vs. butter … Every question is answered, and the information is delivered with clarity, compassion and sometimes humour from this delightful entity, Grandmother.”
Susan James, Listowel, ON, Canada

“The EVENING WITH GRANDMOTHER sessions bring me peace and comfort as I navigate this lifetime with much curiosity. Spirit Guide Grandmother trusts us with the vast knowledge she holds of our world events/behaviors. No question is left unanswered; nor is any question too small. She ties earth's past, present and future together within a universal (and beyond) perspective. I trust Grandmother as she shines (through Lori) for us in a most loving/supportive manner. Her choice of words are exquisitely positive and ever so satisfying! I celebrate my past, this moment, and my future in part, with thanks to Grandmother!”
MP Alarie, Naples, Florida, USA

“I seek Grandmother's wisdom  at the 'Evenings with Grandmother' often to reassure myself that the world I live in is a safe haven. Grandmother presents news of an empowering, soul-nourishing, human-flourishing kind. You will enjoy the expanded vision that allows you to take a stand and see that your unique contributions make a difference in a world that needs you. Lori's remarkable ability to step aside as she channels Grandmother; allows us to appreciate Grandmother in her full glory: her sense of humour, playfulness, knowing, caring, love and wisdom teachings to brighten our way.”
Appreciative always H.K. from the Royal City of Guelph, ON, Canada

“I am so grateful for the Daily Teachings and Evenings with Grandmother and Lori Wilson, whom first met in 2002. Every day, Gran helps me to think and to feel, to look and to see, to listen and to hear, and to imagine…something more and better not just for myself, but for us all, and for the future that we share in this world, and beyond. Grandmother helps me to, as she says, “walk between the worlds,” and to always question reality, and to consider the “reality” that am helping to create for myself and others. Her wisdom helps me to find and draw forth the hidden treasures within self and others. I have come to see and feel Gran in pretty much everything, including nature, the critters, and in people everywhere. Speaking of which, it has been so wonderful to connect with others of like mind and heart on the monthly Evenings with Grandmother, and the new webinars that have just launched. How blessed do I feel to have found them all and to share a part in their communal dream-weaving, together.”
A. in California

“For me, the Evenings with Grandmother are about understanding “All” from a broader perspective. By All, I mean each of the subjects that seem to rise organically and express as questions during the evening’s program, with Grandmother’s answers to the questions of one person often activating ideas and additional questions. The process is dynamic, entertaining, and ultimately, enriching. I am very grateful for the experience over these years, and for the wisdom that I carry forward from it.”
A Lady of the Sierras

“We know Lori is really channeling Grandmother when she works. No one could make these answers up! Thanks for all you both do.”
F.N. New York City, NY, USA

"You often say in class you want to take the mystery out and WOW you really do. I would highly recommend the Access Intuition 101 class to everyone. It should be mandatory in our education systems."
BJ Kors, MA, USA

Texting to a friend who had recommended the Access Intuition 101 class ..." I just started listening to Lori and I want to just stay home and listen all day." Which was followed by a second text ..."And I've only listened for an hour. Now I'm hoping to be in traffic longer."
Linda Gruber San Francisco, CA

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