Q: Why are the classes in my ALL ACCESS PASS still also available for their regular prices on the Class Site?
A:  Some people will still want to choose to purchase a single class as they browse the many offerings. 

Q: Is the Monthly LIVE Evening with Grandmother included ?
A: Yes, you can enjoy this LIVE monthly event or watch the REPLAY at your convenience.  The full year of Evenings with Grandmother dates are posted on the Course Card.  The new Evening will appear on your student dashboard about 1 week before each Evening. Typically they are on the 3rd Wednesday Evening of the month from 7-9 pm ESTime. 

Q: How will I know when new classes are available?
A: You will simply find them available to you in your Bundle Package automatically. So check back in monthly to see what new opportunities there are to learn. You can also view the new classes in the main Course Menu under the drop down menu "New This Month".

Q: Do I have to take all of the classes in my ALL ACCESS PASS?
A: Absolutely not. You are in charge of your learning. While you certainly can take all of them, you may only take a few. This is completely up to you, your time and interest. Remember there are new classes being added all the time and being an ALL ACCESS PASS holder allows you access to so much more material at an extremely affordable price.

Q: What about the Professional Intuition Skills classes? Are they included in my ALL ACCESS PASS?
A: No. The Professional Intuition Skills classes are to purchased per class. The good news for helping professionals is that all of the classes listed here in the Intuition Skills ALL ACCESS PASS will be of great interest to helping Professionals as well.

Q: Why would I buy a class at full price when I can get it for $24.99 monthly?
A: Great question! There are a few reasons. 

1) You might only be interested in one class so perhaps this is the most economical purchase.
2) You might want to fast-track through the learning in some of our longer classes like Access Intuition 101,  Creating Clear Boundaries  and 101 Tips to Improving Your Intuition. These 3 classes are on what is called a ‘drip schedule’ in the bundled package. This means that you receive the next Module in that class every few days or the next week. If you buy these two classes from the regular menu, you can access the lessons more quickly. Their drip schedule is shorter.
3) If you are the type of learner that likes to go back and review classes or redo the material or meditations again at a later date, buying the class on it's own allows the material to remain in your Student Dashboard indefinitely. If you are holder and discontinue your monthly enrollment you will not have access to the classes or material you have taken once you end your enrollment.

Q: What if I want to pay for a friend or buy an ALL ACCESS PASS as a Gift for someone?
A:  What a lovely gift that would be for someone! A great idea. If you want to gift someone with an ALL ACCESS PASS simply:

1) Simply sign them up as a new learner with their name and email and create a password for them.
2) Enter your credit card details for their account (since you will be paying)
3) Give your friend or loved one a note or email with the good news - making sure that you give them a link to our website, the name and email address you signed them up with and the password that you gave them (they can change it to their own password later if they want). A great idea for those who are searching for the perfect, meaningful gift for someone special.

Q: Can we share the material /access to the classes?
A:  We do not want people sharing the material. While we know it is inevitable that family may sit together and enjoy a class together on occasion - we do not encourage this. We are offering the ALL ACCESS PASS at such savings because we are dedicated to maximum numbers of people learning the skills. We ask that you use your heart and integrity in honoring the work that has gone into creating these classes for you by not sharing the course material with others.

Q: Is the Artist Intuition, Business Intuition or Channeling as a Profession class included in the ALL ACCESS PASS?
A: No, sorry, they is not. These are LIVE, interactive classes. The regular tuition indicated on the class card applies.

Q: What happens if I miss a monthly payment?
A: Your Membership payments are triggered automatically every 30 days so you do not have to do anything once you sign up.  If the payment does not go through you can sign up again but you will automatically lose access to the courses you have already taken in your Student Dashboard. You can always re-enroll in them again and get back to your learning where you left off. 

Q: What happens if I no longer want to be a Member?
A: You simply discontinue your Membership Plan by un-enrolling on your student dashboard and on you go with the tools you have learned to date. You have no obligation to stay on for any particular number of months when you enroll. It is completely up to you.  As we have mentioned when you discontinue your Membership you will no longer have access to any of your class material.  This is unlike if you purchase a class on it's own at the regular price, your material will stay on your Student Dashboard indefinitely. If you need help email us at

Q: Can I download the class material to save it on my computer? 
A: No. Most of our material is purposefully not in a downloadable format unless it is a learning booklet or Manual. This is to protect the copyrighted material and integrity of the teaching material. As long as you are a Member you can come back to your Student Dashboard and review the material there in your 'classroom' curriculum menu on the left hand side of your screen.

Q: What happens if my credit card expires and I don't remember?
A: Our system will remind you automatically if your card is not current. You can then update it easily in your Student Dashboard under "My Account > Billing."

Q: What happens if I decide to be an ACCESS PASS Holder, then take some time off - then come back? Will my classes I have taken still be there? 
A: No. While they will not be there on your dashboard, you don't have to worry. You will still have access to them, you will simply have to enroll in them again. 

Q: Do I have to have a credit card to be a Member?
A:  Yes. The On-Line checkout accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express as the Credit Cards for this Bundle feature. Some people have Debit/Visa cards which will work as well. Unfortunately for the ALL ACCESS PASS you can not use PayPal or interac transfers for an ongoing monthly billing. 

Q: Will Lori still be offering her private practice appointments? And do ACCESS PASS Holders have any special discounts for private services?
A: Yes, Lori is still offering her private services, however there are no special discounted rates for these. As the numbers of students  grow however she will be devoting more of her time to teaching material - which is her ultimate goal. More people with intuition-based skills is what she feels is the best use of her skills and expertise. While he loves her clients and private work,  there are only so many hours in a day.  We have to optimize her time as she shares her expertise with more people so they can learn the skills themselves.