The Best of Grandmother's Wisdom (4-hour Podcast)

Ever wonder what the Spirit World would have to say about our world here? | taught by Lori Wilson

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The Best of Grandmother's Channeled Wisdom

Enjoy 75 Amazing Q & A's Excerpts from the Monthly "Evenings with Grandmother"

• Since 2006, Lori Wilson’s Spirit Guide, Grandmother has been addressing live audience each month to answer questions that would be of interest and benefit to all. These monthly events, now in a Webinar format are called the "Evenings with Grandmother".

• Enjoy this 4-hour audio compilation of some of the most intriguing topics that were channeled from questions asked by live and video audiences. 

All 75 Questions are arranged in topic areas and are titled so that you can select those of interest and listen at your leisure. See the full list of fantastic questions that are in this 4 -hour compilation in the list below or view/print the PDF.

Timeless — and incredible wisdom

(4-hour) Audio Podcast

Lori Wilson
Lori Wilson
Founder & Inner Access 101 Trainer

Lori Wilson M.S.W.

Lori Wilson B.A., M.S.W., is a social worker, author, trainer and founder of Inner Access 101. She has been providing channeling, regression, medical intuition, business intuition and traditional counseling in a successful private practice since 1983. Her background in community development provide the tools and framework for the unique business model for her company. Lori holds her B.A. Specialized Honours Degree in Psychology and Family Studies from the University of Guelph and a Master of Social Work Degree from Sir Wilfrid Laurier University. 

A key influence in shaping the foundation skills and values of Lori’s specialization in intuition is Grandmother, the ancient Shoshone spirit guide that Lori has been consciously channeling since 1989. 

A visionary and self-professed “mother-bear”, Lori's passion to spread inner trust is evident in all she does. The mission is "Changing worlds with inner trust."

Lori Wilson

Course Curriculum

The Best of Grandmother's Wisdom
See a List of 75 of "The Best Of Grandmother's Wisdom" Questions Answered in this Audio FREE PREVIEW
1.01 Health: How do certain dyes, chemicals, additives and hormones in food affect our children?
1.02 Health: Does Grandmother have any advice for us on how to slow down the racing in our lives?
1.03 Health: With the raising of the vibrations or our expansion and evolution, how will this affect our physical body?
1.04 Health: You have talked about illnesses in the past. Does Grandmother have anything to say about arthritis specifically?
1.05 Health: Could Grandmother comment on vaccinations and the increase in childhood illnesses a result of this?
1.06 Health: How does Grandmother feel about the criss-crossing through our skies by chem trails?
1.07 Health: What is the point, and what is accomplished with the above chem trail experimentation?
1.08 Health: Do our food choices shift with the years? Are we really carnivores or omnivores?
1.09 Health: To add to that, what about animals that are sentient beings? How does that work with our eating them?
1.10 Health: Maybe we don't really need to eat. Do we eat only because we think we have to?
1.11 Health: Will there ever be a cure for cancer?
1.12 Health: In some careers you lose steam or interest. What do we do to recharge ourselves?
1.13 Health: What about bipolar disorder? We talked about autism earlier. Is nutrition affecting those with bipolar conditions?
1.14 Health: Regarding bio-identical hormones - is this a solution or helpful for an aging population?
2.01 Children and Youth: There is a lot of noise out there and not a lot of quiet. How do we help our children feel safe?
2.02 Children and Youth: Regarding the privilege of having a new baby - what sort of challenges will these new souls face? What can we as the villages raising these souls do to help them achieve what they are here to do?
2.03 Children and Youth: We know we have another generation of children coming through now and former generations known as Indigo or Crystal children. What is needed to change as far as parenting skills now?
2.04 Children and Youth: What does Grandmother have to say about the terms “indigo”, “crystal children” or “star children”?
2.05 Children and Youth: Regarding autism - what role does nutrition have in healing autism?
2.06 Children and Youth: Can Grandmother talk about autism?
2.07 Children and Youth: On the topic of autism, you talk about the neurological and chemical connection. Does Grandmother see those as the only causes, or is there another energetic cause?
2.08 Children and Youth: Regarding vaccinations, are we supposed to comply and vaccinate our preteen girls for HPV?
2.09 Children and Youth: Our youth that's coming up now has had more exposure to technology. They're also blind to the spiritual side and hopefully be more open to change.
2.10 Children and Youth: Are those who are younger (teenagers) more tuned into these types of expansive experiences, or are they immune?
4.01 Love and Relationships: For those of us who want to balance our divine masculine and divine feminine, is there a particular way to do it?
4.02 Love and Relationships: Could Grandmother point out if there has been a “divine adult' in history?
4.03 Love and Relationships: There are certain beings upon the earth who are mean and not doing things with a lot of consciousness toward the world. With this neurological rewiring happening will they be affected?
4.04 Love and Relationships: How and why are there twin souls/flames? Are we supposed to be with each other or not? What if one person remembers and the other does not?
4.05 Love and Relationships: When people die, it is always said that "Oh, it was their time." Are there ever times when it is not their time?
5.01 Tools and Intuition: How do we know, when using our intuition, what things to keep to ourselves and what things to share?
5.02 Tools and Intuition: When you're working with someone in a healing capacity, sometimes you will feel their energy. What's happening with that?
5.03 Tools and Intuition: Have we already been through our darkest spot (in history)? Have we evolved?
5.04 Tools and Intuition: What suggestions does Grandmother have for adults who are overwhelmed with priorities, work and balancing families to have fun and get some renewed vitality?
5.05 Tools and Intuition: How do we know when that thing we're trying to manifest doesn't appear? Are we blocked by our own belief?
5.06 Tools and Intuition: When we die, will we all have a choice to do what Grandmother does, or will we have other choices?
5.07 Tools and Intuition: How many times has Grandmother been on the earth? Why is she a spirit? Will she return? Is there a choice for us?
5.08 Tools and Intuition: Does a spirit guide contact you or must you find and contact them?
5.09 Tools and Intuition: Are all spirits wise or are just “spirit guides” wise?
5.10 Tools and Intuition: What is the difference between the jobs of a spirit guide and guardian angles?
5.11 Tools and Intuition: Is there a spirit helper to meet you at death to help you “pass over”?
6.01 Politics and Community: When Grandmother sees change (in the future), what does she see -- more specifically regarding food and global starvation?
6.02 Politics and Community: I know there are changes in the Middle East, but I've also heard that there are wonderful things also happening in the rest of Africa in the next few years. Could you comment?
6.03 Politics and Community: I've been hearing that money will be changing on a global scale with how it will be distributed and/or made. Could Grandmother comment?
6.04 Politics and Community: What is the divine purpose in all the changes in the education system or health system and why they are/have been puppeted?
6.05 Politics and Community: What is the divine purpose in all the changes in the education system or health system and why they are/have been puppeted?
6.06 Politics and Community: Who is manipulating the world economy?
6.07 Politics and Community: Many fine writers in Canada are writing about war. Can Grandmother comment on this?
6.08 Politics and Community:The point about more reverence around Nov. 11, there was an article written by someone wondering why we ever pay homage to the veterans. This writer suggested that we shouldn't do that and we are fueling the glory of war.
7.01 Earth Changes: Could Grandmother tell us where Atlantis is?
7.02 Earth Changes: What do you see happening to the California coastline and when?
7.03 Earth Changes: We've heard for some time about the/an event predicted for 2012. Apparently, with expanding consciousness, it has been commented on that it may speed up possibly to 2010.
7.04 Earth Changes: Can you ask Grandmother if there is any real significance to the year 2012?
7.05 Earth Changes: What is global warming?
8.01 Energetic Principles: I've heard that some of us travel in our sleep and help others. Is this true?
8.02 Energetic Principles: Regarding entities, how do we attract energies and entities? How do we deal with them?
8.03 Energetic Principles: If they (entities) are a bother or in our energy field, why is it that we have attracted them?
8.04 Energetic Principles: What does Grandmother have to say about fear?
8.05 Energetic Principles: If there is a negative event such as a war happening in a place, does the land hold this energy, and if so what can be done to relieve this?
8.06 Energetic Principles: Sometimes we find that some people drain our energy. What can we do about that?
8.07 Energetic Principles: Why is the veil thinning between the every day walking world and the spirit world and what is our responsibility in it?
8.08 Energetic Principles: Regarding Feng Shui, the art of organizing space a certain way according to the 5 elements, is that as important as the books are saying it is?
8.09 Energetic Principles: Would Grandmother discuss karma?
9.01 Science and Worlds Beyond: Can Grandmother comment as to the angelic revolution?
9.02 Science and Worlds Beyond: Is our ability to connect to the universe amplified through prayer or learning some technique?
9.03 Science and Worlds Beyond: What are the implications for that larger connectedness? Are there social implications or structures for this?
9.04 Science and Worlds Beyond: For those who may already go to other planets or dimensions, even if unconsciously, will this now be easier to access the Anternet?
9.05 Science and Worlds Beyond: Where do we go when we die? How do we decide? How do we know? Is this part of the Anternet?
9.06 Science and Worlds Beyond: Have we gone too far with technology?
9.07 Science and Worlds Beyond: Could Grandmother comment on microbiological technology and/or genetic modification?
9.08 Science and Worlds Beyond: Driving by the Toronto Airport and thinking how exciting it would be to see other crafts from other worlds besides (our) airplanes landing. Will I live to see this?
9.09 Science and Worlds Beyond: What kind of time frame are we looking at for this? Is it already happening? Will there be a lot of fear and panic, or will it be accepted?
9.10 Science and Worlds Beyond: Does Grandmother see us becoming friends with our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters?
9.11 Science and Worlds Beyond: Can Grandmother see whether we, as a race, will ever be living on other planets, or are we already there?
9.12 Science and Worlds Beyond: What comes to mind when Grandmother told us about this new species assimilating into ours is that we have so much intolerance towards other beings and customs. How will we handle that?
9.13 Science and Worlds Beyond: We know of the effects from other planets from astrology, but what about earth itself? What effect does earth have on other planets and energy?

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