Are You Living Your Life Purpose? (4-hour Audio Workshop)

First you have to know it ... | taught by Lori Wilson

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Are You Living Your Life Purpose?
Do You Ever Wonder If You Are Truly Living Your Life Purpose?

• Bring your life and personal commitment to the next level. Rekindle your sense of passion, commitment and aliveness

• What is the best focus for your time and attention? What new fuel will motivate and carry you through these next few years?

• Learn the difference between your soul's mission and your personal mission and how at any given point you can re-visit and re-vamp both. You may be living one but not the other and these two missions within you may be working at cross purposes.

(4-hour) Audio Workshop & Workbook

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Lori Wilson
Lori Wilson
Founder & Inner Access 101 Trainer

Lori Wilson M.S.W.

Lori Wilson B.A., M.S.W., is a social worker, author, trainer and founder of Inner Access 101. She has been providing channeling, regression, medical intuition, business intuition and traditional counseling in a successful private practice since 1983. Her background in community development provide the tools and framework for the unique business model for her company. Lori holds her B.A. Specialized Honours Degree in Psychology and Family Studies from the University of Guelph and a Master of Social Work Degree from Sir Wilfrid Laurier University. 

A key influence in shaping the foundation skills and values of Lori’s specialization in intuition is Grandmother, the ancient Shoshone spirit guide that Lori has been consciously channeling since 1989. 

A visionary and self-professed “mother-bear”, Lori's passion to spread inner trust is evident in all she does. The mission is "Changing worlds with inner trust."