De-Mystifying Series: Using Intuition to Know When to Speak Up

When to be quiet and when to speak up? | taught by Lori Wilson

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Using Intuition to Know When to Speak Up

Is it better to be quiet right now or better to speak up?  

No matter how hard we try to know people, respect their personalities and be clear about what we want and need – we still could use a bit of help. Too often we cannot tell if it is better to be quiet or to actually speak up. We can lack practice in speaking up at all, and that makes discerning when it is a good idea even harder.

Enjoy this helpful 30-min. Podcast that helps you use your intuition to help know when that right time is to speak up for yourself and get your important wants and needs met.

Lori Wilson
Lori Wilson
Founder & Inner Access 101 Trainer

Lori Wilson M.S.W.

Lori Wilson B.A., M.S.W., is a social worker, author, trainer and founder of Inner Access 101. She has been providing channeling, regression, medical intuition, business intuition and traditional counseling in a successful private practice since 1983. Her background in community development provide the tools and framework for the unique business model for her company. Lori holds her B.A. Specialized Honours Degree in Psychology and Family Studies from the University of Guelph and a Master of Social Work Degree from Sir Wilfrid Laurier University. 

A key influence in shaping the foundation skills and values of Lori’s specialization in intuition is Grandmother, the ancient Shoshone spirit guide that Lori has been consciously channeling since 1989. 

A visionary and self-professed “mother-bear”, Lori's passion to spread inner trust is evident in all she does. The mission is "Changing worlds with inner trust."

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