Course Description

Channeling as a Profession

September 9, 16, 23 & 30 2021
6-9 p.m. EDTime

Want to Offer Your Intuitive Skills as a Professional Service?

This LIVE, On-Line Training will teach you how to to do this very thing. Whether you wish to blend your intuition or channeling skills into your existing practice and career or offer channeling as a separate service altogether, renowned intuition Lori will walk you through concrete steps on how to succeed.

  • Learn to connect without a shadow of a doubt to your Spirit Guide and where to hold your focus while you channel.

  • Be trained to serve others with clear messages up to 1-hour long.

  • Develop clear boundaries with friends and family members on how you can best be used with your intuition.

  • Learn how to talk about this work and package yourself professionally. Get clear on who your unique audience may be.

  • Save years of time learning how to surmount the inevitable learning curves of channeling for others.

  • Create an excellent income stream with tools that can be delivered in-person, on-line, by telephone or in written form.

Enroll today —only 20 seats available per class.

Once you have taken Channeling as a Profession you will be welcome to partake in bi-monthly Channeling Practice Webinars for ongoing learning. A great way to maintain connections, practice and be supported by others doing what they love!

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Solidify Your Skills & Connection ...

  • Reach A New Skill Level

    Building on your skill set from the *pre-requisite 25-hour On-Line Training, Access Intuition 101 ™, Lori will now coach you next to new levels of refinement communicating with your own personal Guides and clarify your role in working with them.

  • Find Your 'Working Guide'

    In this class, you will focus on determining which Guide suits you best in an ongoing professional relationship, your areas of expertise and specialization and how to package and present this service to potential clients.

  • Practice in 4, LIVE 3-hour Modules

    Scroll down for the 4-Module outline. One entire Module is dedicated to defining, packaging and marketing your services as a professional. We will explore what works and does not work to create a successful practice.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    MODULE 1: Meeting Your Working Guide

    • Welcome & Orientation: Guidelines for channeling professionally; Understanding the role of Guides; Meeting your 'Working Guide' that will help you serve others; Channeling Practice with coaching

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    • ~ Here is your Link for Module 1: Thursday September 9, 2021 6-9 p.m. EDTime

    • Here is the VIDEO REPLAY for Module 1 for Channeling as as Profession

  • 2

    MODULE 2: Your Professional Channeling Skills

    • Honing Your Personal Style: Where to hold your focus; Establishing body cues to help you work; Appointment format suggestions; Channeling Practice with coaching

    • ~ Here is your Link for Module 2: Thursday September 16, 2021 6-9 p.m. EDTime

    • Here is the VIDEO REPLAY for Module 2 for Channeling as as Profession

    • Here is Your Gifted 2-Hour Webinar Video: How to Create A Body Cue [Enjoy if you wish]

  • 3

    MODULE 3: Packaging Yourself to Channel Professionally

    • Packaging Yourself to Promote Your Work: How to explain your work; Your unique position in the market; Mastering the logistics of this work; Channeling Practice with coaching

    • ~ Here is your Link for Module 3: Thursday September 23, 2021 6-9 p.m. EDTime

    • Here is the VIDEO REPLAY for Module 3 for Channeling as as Profession

  • 4

    MODULE 4: Mastering the Learning Curves

    • What Are the Major Learning Curves: Creating a clear protocol for your work; How to navigate the obstacles that will come up; Ethical issues and behavior; De-briefing with your Guide as support; Channeling Practice with coaching

    • ~ Here is your Link for Module 4: Thursday September 30, 2021 6-9 p.m. EDTime

    • Here is the VIDEO REPLAY for Module 4 for the Channeling as as Profession

    • GRADS: Here is your LINK to the ongoing, bi-monthly Q & A + Practice sessions (Free for all GRADS)

Lori Wilson & Grandmother

Grandmother is Lori's Spirit Guide

Lori Wilson B.A., M.S.W., is a social worker, author, trainer and founder of Inner Access 101. Lori has been providing channeling, regression, medical intuition, business intuition and traditional counseling in a successful private practice since 1983. Her background in community development provide the tools and framework for the unique business model her company. Lori holds her B.A. Specialized Honours Degree in Psychology and Family Studies from the University of Guelph and a Master of Social Work Degree from Sir Wilfrid Laurier University. A key influence in shaping the foundation skills and values of Lori’s private practice and of Inner Access 101 is Grandmother, the ancient Shoshone spirit guide that Lori has been consciously channeling since 1989. Grandmother came gently into her awareness through journal writing and has since been a key inspiration to hundreds of thousands through her daily and monthly focus, books, the Evenings with Grandmother and with her presence in the On-Line Classes. Much of the material taught in the foundation training, Access Intuition 101 is based on Lori's years of blending firsthand, client-driven social work experience with a solid apprenticeship with Grandmother and the spirit world. The training in Medical Intuition, Business Intuition and Artist Intuition has grown from Lori's stellar application of intuition along with the tracking and sourcing skills that are the signature foundation in all of her intuition-based work.


 "I took the Channeling as a Pro class two years ago and I cannot believe the value I have added to my practice by being able to tune-in and provide quick messages as an adjunct to my healing work." 
    F.W. Kitchener, ON, Canada

"Thanks for the boost of confidence that came with the class. I have both friends and clients ask me weekly for messages from Tesha my Guide. I cannot remember life without her."
    M.I. Oakville, ON, Canada

"I repeated the class last year and really feel renewed in my abilities to channel. it just gets easier and easier with practice. "
    S.H-J. Boston, MA, USA

"My channeling is now the busiest part of what I offer to others. You said it could be done, and now I do believe you. I actually have a waiting list. Thanks for getting me on track!"
    B.H. Toronto, ON, Canada


This class is ideally suited for those who have already given some time, thought and practice to connecting with one or many Guides through the *pre-requisite Access Intuition 101 On-Line Class. 

If however, you feel that you are not the most experienced connecting with a Guide or if you do not have the intention to channel for others professionally, that is also fine. In this skills-based Training you will meet and be immersed in an exciting relationship with what we refer to as your “Working Guide” — the Guide that you will channel for others. Even if you choose to just channel for friends and family — the skills you learn here will boost your abilities to serve everyone.


Many people over the years have chosen to review this class repeatedly as a way to keep active and sharpen their ever developing channeling skills. It's always great to practice with new partners. Of course ... there is also the added bonus of getting messages each class from your partner's Guides as well.

“We are in need of good sturdy people who can bring forth the wisdom and love from those of us who many believe are still beyond life’s ever thinning veil. We are in need of good ears and eyes who can see and hear us and who will relay our hearts in ways that are clear and untouched by fear or the need to manage others. Our k
nowledge and love can resourceful  ... but more importantly, it is the trust that this sort of connecting can be done that is in need in our world right now. We thank you in advance for your commitment to partnering with this thing called trust. We look very much forward to the opportunity to serve, through you and your attending skills. Be blessed.”