Updating Our Intuition Paradigms Parts 1 + 2 + BONUS 2 Free Items

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Be as clear as you can. Fear no longer has a place in intuition. Save $32.

Are You Ready to Say Good-Bye to Fear and Update Your Intuition Paradigms Once and For All?

Enjoy this special Bundle that gives you 3 Webinars and one of our best selling e-Books. Explore 12 new ways to look at intuition and update your paradigms so you can hone your skills easily and proudly. 

You can enjoy the classes in any order you wish, but we recommend ...
1) Update Our Intuition Paradigm PART 1: Available now in a 2-hour Webinar Format. See class card for full details as to what 6 out-of-date paradigms are explored.
2) Update Our Intuition Paradigm PART 2: Join us LIVE March 29th 6:30- 9pm ESTime. See class card for 6 more out-of-date intuition paradigms that will be updated and a full hour for Q & A so we can discuss this new thinking in more detail together. If you can't make the LIVE event, your registration ensures you the Replay within 48 hours posted to your Online classroom.

3) BONUS: Stabilizing Fear is one of the most practical 24-page e-books you will ever read on Fear

4) BONUS: 2-hour Webinar called "The Thinning of the Veil: Why Spirits Can't Haunt Us Anymore" gives you a straightforward understanding of what used to be commonplace and how the energetic veil between the visible and invisible has changed incredibly in the last few decades. No need to worry about anything bothering you while you explore.

 Purchased separately these Webinars and e-Book would be $72.
Save $32. by enrolling in this Bundled Offer

(Available until April 15th)

Updating Our Intuition Paradigms Parts 1 + 2 + BONUS 2 Free Items includes these courses

E-Book: Stabilizing Fear (24-pages)
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The Thinning of the Veil - and Why Spirits Can't Haunt Us Anymore (2-hours)
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PART 2: Updating Our Intuition Paradigm LIVE March 29, 2018 (2.5 hours)
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PART 1: Updating Our Intuition Paradigm (2 hours)
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