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Enjoy a Full Body Medical Intuition Scan with Lori Wilson

  • Are you having considerable heath challenges and need to find out from your body what is going on?     
  • Have traditional tools not been able to uncover the root or true nature of your physical discomfort?

Request a full body scan by Lori Wilson, author and renowned Medical Intuition practitioner so your body can show what is at the root of your health imbalances.

Since 1996 Lori has conducted thousands of Medical Intuition Scans and taught hundreds of health practitioners how to do this work. Please be aware that this service is to scan the body for what is out of balance and provide you with a portrait of those imbalances. Lori does not give healing recommendations. This is the role of your health team members once they review what is out of balance according to the wisdom of the body. 

Due to volume of requests, Lori now only does full scans with clients who have a health team member who is willing to receive a copy of the medical intuition scan. All you have to do is to purchase your full scan and let Lori know your health team member's email address as well as your own. 

Once your request is received Lori will then do the full Medical Intuition scan within 5 business days. She will send a typed copy of the scan to you via email as well as will cc your designated health team member on the email. If you do not have a practitioner who is willing to receive the scan report, please do not book a full scan. This is a pre-requisite to having a full medical intuition scan done.

Please note that Lori will not be speaking with you about the scan — she will simply be sending you and your team member the typed scan notes via email. 

Included in the fee, is a courtesy feature for your health team member. They can ask up to 3 follow up questions via email within 6 months of Lori doing your scan. NOTE:  The follow up questions need to come from your health team member only. Lori will not be answering client follow up questions directly. Practitioner questions may be to clarify or elaborate on the scan details or to query specifics about the body's preference of healing protocols as would be outlined by the healing team member.

The full body scan is very thorough and covers the body from head to toe. Some clients are also familiar with the channeling work Lori does as well. In the case of a Medical Intuition scan, Lori is not channeling her Guide Grandmother, rather she is directing her intuition to the body as the only source of wisdom.

As mentioned above, upon purchasing your scan you will be sent your written report within 5 business days.  Please do not provide any health details when requesting the full scan. Lori prefers to have no health history prior to connecting with your body to do the scan.

Another Option is to order a 15-minute Medical Intuition Scan which is delivered via audio file to you within 5 business days. The fee for this service is $115. however you can only ask about 1 area of your body or 1 set of related symptoms. You will not be speaking to Lori directly for the 15-min. scan. You do not need a health practitioner's email to request this service, although you are welcome to forward your 15-min. audio file to your team member for them to review.  You can order the 15-min. scan on the Appointment page.

A premium investment in your health picture ~ get the the root of health imbalances by ask the body.

Once you have purchased your appointment we will send you instructions on how to send in your questions. You can also look for these same instructions on your 'student dashboard' on the left hand side menu tab.
Please note that all services and classes are in USD.

Lori Wilson

Founder & Inner Access 101 Trainer

Lori Wilson B.A., M.S.W., is a social worker, author, trainer and founder of Inner Access 101. Lori has been providing channeling, regression, medical intuition, business intuition and traditional counseling in a successful private practice since 1983. Much of the material taught in the foundation training, Access Intuition 101 is based on Lori's years of blending firsthand, client-driven social work experience with a solid apprenticeship with her Spirit Guide, Grandmother and the spirit world. The training in Medical Intuition, Business Intuition and Artist Intuition has grown from the stellar intuition, tracking and sourcing skills that are the signature foundation in all of Lori's work. Lori currently has 6 active Trainers who teach her classes through Inner Access 101. This Education & Resource Network, run with her husband Stewart Hope, brings the exciting tools of intuition-based training to an ever expanding market. A visionary and self-professed “mother bear”, Lori's passion to spread inner trust is evident in all she does. Her mission has always been to encourage as many people as possible to "trust themselves first."

Course curriculum

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    Here is How to Book Your Appointment: Medical Intuition Full Body Scan with Lori Wilson

    • Send these details in an email to request your Full Body Scan

    • For Your Interest: Review the 3-Step Protocol Lori uses to do a full Medical Intuition Body Scan

    • Enjoy the Article on our On-Line Courses page entitled "Understanding the 5 Main Styles of Medical Intuition"


5 star rating

Full Body Scan by Lori Wilson

Sharon Tesoro

Lori really amazed me with level of detail she provided in her report. Her accuracy with dates, injuries, ailments and specific anatomical terminology is astounding! It is as if she had all my medical records from birth to present day. She is pro...

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Lori really amazed me with level of detail she provided in her report. Her accuracy with dates, injuries, ailments and specific anatomical terminology is astounding! It is as if she had all my medical records from birth to present day. She is professional, articulate and VERY gifted. I have had some trepidation in the past with some holistic professionals but Lori Wilson is the REAL DEAL! Lori wanted NO information at all about me, other than my first and last name. She is so in tune with energetic avenues of access. It is truly remarkable!! I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is struggling and is in need of more information about their body and its' DIS-EASE. What a great resource to have; especially with the inconsistencies of conventional medicine. It can provide you with an arsenal of information and insight with resolving your issues. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Lori Wilson. I am very grateful for this service! Sincerely, Sharon Tesoro

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