Round Out 2020 with Assuring Connections

5-days of Using Your Intuition to Stay on Track | taught by Lori Wilson & Grandmother

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Round out 2020 with Assuring Connections

5-days of Using Your Intuition to Stay on Track
November 15th - November 20th

As we round out this year of great change, make sure to take a few moments to stabilize your positive strides with assuring connections. Join Lori Wilson, intuition expert and  the channeled wisdom of her Spirit Guide — Grandmother as they lead you through 5-days of assuring and deep connections.
  • Do you ever feel like you are on-track, yet you would appreciate some side-line support and witnessing?

  • Are you tentative about just how to ‘frame’ this year we are soon completing?

  • Give your intuition a boost to stay on track. Released daily — enjoy a Free Daily 15-20 minute Audio Podcast Lesson & Meditation connecting you with a different source of support and connection.
  • Each day this new source of wisdom will align you with your deepest dreams and all you stand for.

    To Stay On Track, Discover ...

DAY 1 —  What Organ/System in your unique body will best support you moving forward?

DAY 2 — What Element of Nature or Animal Species will be your strongest ally right now?

DAY 3 — Which Ancestor will come and teach you how to be true to your heart, values and vision as you move into 2021? They will teach you what need be brought forward and what is time to gently leave behind.

DAY 4 — Which Spirit Guide will actively walk through these next few months, keeping you steady and on track? 

DAY 5 — Which Collective in the larger Galaxies will remind you that you are never alone? As you hold your values and adult-mind strong during this time of enormous change, connect with larger and reassuring wisdom beyond our known frames of reference. 

*NOTE: This special Channeled Audio-Podcast Series will be only be available for purchase between November 16th and 25th.  Once registered, you will have access to all 5 Lessons on your Leaner Dashboard indefinitely.

Grandmother says ... "This is a timely exercise to set the template for a deeper connection than you may be able to imagine today. In years to come, you will look back and smile unto yourself — remembering that you had a positive effect in making your world and our world, a good home indeed. "

This 5-day offering is free for everyone but will only be open for registration until November 20th. Help us make our world the best home we can by spreading the word of this amazing opportunity. Invite your friends to listen too.

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Lori Wilson &  Grandmother
Lori Wilson & Grandmother
Grandmother is Lori's Spirit Guide

Lori Wilson & Grandmother

Lori Wilson B.A., M.S.W., is a social worker, author, trainer and founder of Inner Access 101 and AcccessMarketPlace. Lori has been providing channeling, regression, medical intuition, business intuition and traditional counseling in a successful private practice since 1983. Her background in community development provide the tools and framework for the unique business model her company. Lori holds her B.A. Specialized Honours Degree in Psychology and Family Studies from the University of Guelph and a Master of Social Work Degree from Sir Wilfrid Laurier University.

A key influence in shaping the foundation skills and values of Lori’s private practice and of Inner Access 101 is Grandmother, the ancient Shoshone spirit guide that Lori has been consciously channeling since 1989. Grandmother came gently into her awareness through journal writing and has since been a key inspiration to hundreds of thousands through her daily and monthly focus, books, radio shows and presence in the On-Line Classes. 

Much of the material taught in the foundation training, Access Intuition 101 is based on Lori's years of blending firsthand, client-driven social work experience with a solid apprenticeship with Grandmother and the spirit world. The training in Medical Intuition, Business Intuition and Artist Intuition has grown from Lori's stellar application of intuition along with the tracking and sourcing skills that are the signature foundation in all of her intuition-based work.

GRANDMOTHER'S STORY Grandmother Calls The Wind

Grandmother was an Ancient Shoshone Elder that lived in the early fourteen hundreds in the Wind River area of Wyoming in the United States. She
 tells the story that Lori was her actual blood granddaughter in that past life time the 1400`s. As she teaches, when Lori was eight years old in that lifetime, the elders received "word on the wind" that they could not teach their children in traditional ways any longer. 

She could not teach in traditional ways until Lori "found" her again in 1989. Grandmother has told us all for years that if enough people trust themselves, think for themselves, be good to themselves and choose to be their own ultimate authority ... that the world will become a better place. And so, as she has asked, we are honored to bring Grandmother's presence and words to as many people as possible.

Grandmother has not changed much since her early days in the 1400`s. She is wise, humorous, often firm, and enormously loving. She has no trouble looking into our wise loving hearts and sharing her words of wisdom with us individually and in larger groups.

In her own words Grandmother says that … "The veil between the invisible world and the visible worlds has continued to become much thinner in these last few decades. Those of us who love you from behind life's veil are completely available to serve you, to be a resource and good company as you pause to remember your own power, inner gifts, strength and purpose. While you travel your unique path that none-other can tread, be reminded that you never travel alone. We will be here whenever you take a few moments and turn your heart to the worlds beyond, knowing all of the while that these invisible places are also your own homelands.  A world with more connection and inner trust in it is precisely the world we want  to have.  Be blessed."
AHO. Grandmother

Grandmother's Portrait: Grandmother Calls The Wind  © Kiel Wilson-Ciocci
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Reviews (5)

So Helpful

by Karen Dalsanto
So helpful - I have listened to each segment several times, taking away something new, insightful each time. Thank you for sharing this wonderful series with us.

Loved Round Out 2020

by helene bulger


by linda tomchuk
Mostly helpful
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So Helpful

by Karen Dalsanto
So helpful - I have listened to each segment several times, taking away something new, insightful each time. Thank you for sharing this wonderful series with us.

Loved Round Out 2020

by helene bulger


by linda tomchuk
Mostly helpful

Important Connections

by Lauren Webb
Thank you Lori and Grandmother for this precious gift. My journey the past few years has been very isolating at times and hearing these teachings has brought a greater feeling of love and connection into my life. I also would like to mention that one of my spirit guides, Paul, appeared in my dreams for the first time a day or two before we had our Spirit Guide meditation together. I was able to clearly see and sense him before I understood why he was coming to me. Truly amazing and thank you for this gift.

Supportive during a global pandemic

by Deborah Gould
Taking time for work on inner self