Where original art & inspiration meet

The Inner Access 101 Galleria is dedicated to bringing beautiful, original art & intuition-based, inspirational sayings to your daily life. For 30 years, Lori Wilson has been teaching and offering intuition-based services here at Inner Access 101. The Galleria is our way of pairing up many of our favorite inspirational sayings from our classes and Lori's wise Spirit Guide, she calls Grandmother — with original art from our students and colleagues.

Check out the selection of journals, water bottles, mugs, tote bags and wall art. For those who have been waiting years to have your own portrait of Grandmother, enjoy the painting done by our son, Kiel that captures her essence. More products will be added monthly as we spread inner trust in this new and exciting way. This is the perfect place to treat yourself to something special or shop for the perfect gift.  Inner Access 101 ~ Galleria

Art is such an expressive language and captures feelings, experiences and communication beyond our known senses. Using our intuition accomplishes the same result. If you are drawn to a certain saying or art piece at the Galleria — trust there is a reason for it. As many of you know, our mission is "Changing Worlds ... with inner trust".  Now with the beautiful items at the Galleria, we can all model intuitive living — both inside and out.