Give the Gift of Intuition Skills ... FAR & WIDE

Trusting our own intuition and hearts will make this precious world a better place!


    Since 1994 our Mission has been "Building Worlds with Inner Trust." We want intuition skills to grow far-and-wide to spread inner trust in this precious world. Now more than ever, we deeply need it. We value your partnership in gifting intuition skills and inner trust FAR & WIDE to your friends, colleagues, allies, staff and loved ones. Where are your important people?


    Trusting your Intuition your own self more are not dependent on geography. This birthright belongs to everyone. We teach that intuition is not a mystical gift, rather an innate skill that can be developed in everyone, everywhere! We acknowledge that these last few years have been challenging for most people at so many levels. n the spirit of giving we want to do our part. Our intent with this Holiday Special is to support our existing Learners with an opportunity to give affordable gifts. At the same time we want to gift new Learners a chance to gain important intuition skills at a very affordable price.


    These Gift Certificates are valid toward any of Inner Access 101 On-Line Classes. Many of our classes are free. There is a chance to join LIVE classes as well as learn at your own pace with the Home-Study Classes. We have classes ranging from beginners to professionals. We offer short lessons right up to year long training programs. There is something for everyone here at Inner Access 101. Your friends have up to January 30. 2022 to redeem their Gift Certificates.

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Let's Reach FAR & WIDE

We welcome your partnership in giving the gift of intuition and inner trust

Think of who you know throughout the world who might enjoy honing their intuition skills and self trust. Did you know that since 1994 over 18,500 Leaners from 42 Countries have enrolled in one of our classes? Be a part of extending that reach. Right now our friends live in [in alphabetical order] ... ALGERIA. AUSTRALIA, BELGIUM, BRAZIL, CANADA, CUBA, DENMARK, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, ECUADOR, FINLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY, GREECE, GUATEMALA, GUERNSEY, HONG KONG, HUNGARY, INDIA, IRELAND, ISRAEL, ITALY, JAPAN, LITHUANIA, MEXICO, MOZAMBIQUE, NETHERLANDS, NEW ZEALAND, NORWAY, PAKISTAN, PHILLIPINES, PORTUGAL, PUERTO RICO, RUSSIAN FEDERATION, SINGAPORE, SLOVAKIA, SOUTH AFRICA, SPAIN, SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN, and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Brainstorm about where you want to help plant seeds of calm and confidence - that comes with trusting our instincts more.


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This Holiday Offer Expires November 28th

Your friends have up to January 30. 2022 to redeem their Gift Certificates