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Are you stressed or frustrated by not trusting yourself enough when it comes to making decisions or understanding what is truly going on in life? Do you wish you could relax knowing that things were on track, even when they don't always seem like it? Do you want to access guides and helpers that others talk about — but you don't know how to find them? You can. We can teach you how to connect to so many places for help. You never have to feel lost or alone again. 


Do you ever wish you could just shout out and ask "What is going on here?" and actually get concrete answers?  You can – and we can teach you how. Since 1994 we have taught over 15,000 students how to focus their intuition with great precision to make better choices, feel connected and relieve self-doubt. Trusting your intuition makes life more deep — yet fun all at the same time.   

  • Do you hope and sense there is more going on in life than meets the eye? 
  • Do you suspect there is access to the many layers of information and places we cannot see and touch?
  • Do you long to know what is going on within your body as it gives us clues about what is out of balance?
  • Do you want to communicate with confidence with your pets, nature and loved ones who are in spirit?
  • Do you wonder if there are energies, mentors and guides supporting you? If only  you could be sure.
  • Do you want to be able to ask questions of a skilled and trustworthy teacher?
  • Do you want the opportunity to share your experienced with others — knowing you are not unusual or alone?

    YOU CAN! At Inner Access 101, we give you the tools and updated frames of reference around intuition that can make tuning-in simple, natural and easy. Too much information about intuition and the spirit realms are still sadly out of date. Students find our up-to-date approach at Inner Access 101 refreshing.


Currently we have 95+classes included in this ALL ACCESS PASS and the good news is that there are more being added all the time. Learn at your leisure throughout the year.  

This monthly ALL ACCESS PASS is only $49.99  
Tuition for each class purchased separately is over $1600.

Please note that the class count  above also includes each of the Archived Evenings with Grandmother. Please enjoy the 12 events per year on the Archived 2018 and 2019 Evening with Grandmother cards. These count as 24 individual classes. The insight and wisdom shared in each evening is timeless. Having them listed all on one card helps us keep your learning dashboard from being overrun with individually listed classes! 

Enjoy classes such as: 

~ Access Intuition 101  
   (Our 25-hr. signature intuition class regular price $149.) 
~ 101 Tips for Improving Your Intuition
   (45-hrs. priced at $199.)
~ Updating Your Intuition Paradigms Part 1 and 2 
   ( 2-hrs. $19.99 each)
~ How to Connect with Loved Ones Who have Passed On 
   (2-hrs. $19.99)
~ Stabilizing Fear
   (3-hrs.  regularly priced at $24.99)
~ Creating Clear Boundaries 

   (7-hrs.  individually priced at $49.99) 
~ Meeting Your Spirit Guides
    (3-hrs. for $19.99)  
                                                     ... and more 

Scroll down to view all of your classes. If you want to learn more about a class, just click on the Course Card and you will be provided with the full details, curriculum and how long it will take you to enjoy your learning.


1) The Monthly 2-hour Evening with Grandmother (regularly priced at $9.99) is included in your ALL ACCESS PASS. Ask any questions about life that would be of general interest to all of Founder, Lori Wilson’s Spirit Guide, Grandmother and enjoy a chance to be drawn to ask a personal question as well.

2) Join in the 2 monthly 1-hour Open-Door Hour(s) opportunities to ask Trainer, Lori Wilson any questions you have about the class material in any of the classes or intuition in general. Pop in for a few minutes or stay for the whole hour to catch the discussions. The Open-Door hour uses Zoom an so you will see the others  or you can just use the chat box if you prefer.
       — Only open to ALL ACCESS PASS holders. 
Please allow 24-hours after enrollment for us to activate this feature.

3) A 30-min. Audio Podcast: 'Stories by Lori' will be released monthly. Listen to the behind the scenes stories, rarely shared before about pivotal incidences that have shaped Lori's own intuition development.  Get ready to enhance your trust by having more information about these  very real, and often surreal experiences pioneering with her intuition in this growing field.
        — Only open to ALL ACCESS PASS holders.
Please allow 24-hours after enrollment for us to  activate this feature.

4) Free access to the Daily Focus, Monthly Focus and the FOCUS for the Year.

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  • Access to 95+ tried and true intuition-based classes?  
  • To master incredible, yet simple intuition skills?  
  • To save time, money and stress by learning how to trust yourself more? 
  • To make the best choices possible about your life? 
  • To have heads-up on things important coming your way? 
  • Access to very real invisible worlds with rich information and support? 
  • To access intuitive, invisible wisdom from: your own body, guides, loved ones who have passed on, from your own past, from animals, realms beyond and so much more? 
  • To learn ethical applications of how to use your intuition without violating people’s right to privacy? 
  • To de-mystify intuition once and for all? 
  • To really have some fun with practical tools you can use every day in your life, with your work, relationships and with your body? 
  • To have access to someone give you practical, step-by-step guidelines so that you can use to tune in at will? 



Why are we making this learning available for such an incredible savings? The answer is simple —  it is time for everyone to have access to intuition skills and invisible wisdom. With so much hype trying to make us feel helpless and hopeless about the world or ourselves we feel that now more than ever, having deeper connections and self-trust is key. Knowing how to access the invisible realms when the every-day-walking world seems to be upside — allows us to stay balanced.  

The Inner Access 101 mission is "Changing Worlds with Inner Trust". Our way of making the world a better place is to have more and more people trusting themselves and their own instincts. Having access to resources beyond our known and seen senses is empowering and supportive. Being able to connect with more creates community and belonging. So much of our attention is focused on what is going on around us visibly in social and media networks. What about the invisible networks? We need access to both for balance.

In 1989, Social Worker, founder, Lori Wilson first met her Spirit Guide she calls Grandmother while she was pondering what do with one of the most difficult decisions of her life — whether or not to end her first marriage. She had two little children under the age of five and was agonizing about how to balance what she knew was possible with not wanting to impose change and hurt upon her family. At that time she had no knowledge about Spirit Guides or channeling what so ever. She used journal writing as her way to focus in and weigh her difficult decision. One evening while writing in her journal she was asking the universal "Why?" in her heart. Astonishingly, guidance came.  She heard and saw a beautiful, kind woman inside her mind's eye who said she was her Grandmother from the 1400's where they had lived together in the Wind River area of Wyoming. The unexpected kindness and familiarity brought Lori to tears. 

Early on, Grandmother said in her own words … “My role is here to serve you, yes child – but truly I am here to serve others. Our world needs strong and deeply connected people in it. People connected to themselves and connected to what is available to them in the invisible realms as well. This Web of Great Connection is very real and it is time now that all humanity have access to it more purely. We need a great volume of people knowing how to connect in order to achieve true balance here upon this Earth. Access and connection will heal so much. It will give perspective, peace of mind and good company at so many levels – some of which you may scarce begin to grasp.” 

This shared mission to teach people to trust their intuition and gain inner access has shaped Lori's career and the Intuition-Based classes you find here. [To read more about “The Web” that Grandmother refers to Click Here.] 


Scroll down to view all of the classes awaiting you. Dive into the learning material listed below and devour it or pace yourself and learn all year.  There is no rush. You will also want to stick around as there will be new material added monthly. This is an ongoing learning experience so just sit back and learn at your own leisure. The classes will be there when you have time to learn. With all the savings you will be getting, you can relax if you miss a few weeks or even months of your classes. You will still come out ahead savings-wise.  You are in charge of when and how long you want to stay learning. 


Try it out for a few months — and learn as much as you have time for. Remember you can end your Membership any time you choose, easily in your student dashboard. 

Please Note: Once you un-enroll, your classes will no longer be available to you after your end your ALL ACCESS PASS. If you have a favorite, you might want to view again or use the meditations regularly, you may wish to purchase that one separately so it can remain ever-green on your Learner Dashboard. 

Also Note: The LIVE Intuition + Professional Level classes are not included in the ALL ACCESS PASS.  Do scroll down and view all of the classes that are included. You will be thrilled to see what is available. 

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All of the classes will be available to you as soon as you enroll in the ALL ACCESS PATH. Newest classes are listed at the top of your list. We have listed the classes below in an order we might recommend you take them. Of course, you are unique so please pick and choose wherever you want to start. You may enjoy working though a number of classes at the same time. Three of the longer classes have a "drip schedule" where you will have access to the next Class Module every day or week. This is set up this way to build your knowledge base in a sequential fashion within the longer classes.

Remember ...  Please note that the class count indicated also includes each of the  singular Archived Evenings with Grandmother. Please enjoy the 12-events per year on the Archived 2018 and 2019 Evening with Grandmother cards. These count as 24 individual classes. The insight and wisdom shared in each evening is timeless. Having them listed all on one card helps us keep your learning dashboard from being overrun with individually listed classes! 


Scroll down or back to the top and enroll in the monthly ALL ACCESS PASS. You can start right now — today. We look forward to having you on-board. 

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