Lori Wilson

Creating Clear Boundaries (7-hours)

Understand how

Lori Wilson

E-Book: The Resting Place (116 pages)

The true story of how Lori Wilson met her Grandmother from the 1400's

Lori Wilson

E-Audio Book: The Resting Place

Be inspired to trust yourself in incredible ways

Lori Wilson & Grandmother

E-Audio Meditation: Explore Grandmother's 3-Paths (55 mins.)

Clarify the 3-Paths in which you work out your life

Lori Wilson

The Best of Grandmother's Wisdom (4-hours)

Ever wonder what the Spirit World would have to say about our world here?

Lori Wilson & Guest Inner Access 101 Trainers

Level 1 Regression Works: Age & Past Life Regression (FOUNDATION)

Foundation Training for Professionals